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The Department of Comparative Literature provides a broad range of courses in European as well as non-European literatures. Courses variously stress significant authors, themes, problems, styles, genres, historical periods, and theoretical perspectives. In cooperation with related departments in the humanities, the departmental offerings reflect current interdisciplinary approaches to literary study: hermeneutics, semiotics, deconstruction, cultural criticism, Marxism, reception aesthetics, feminism, psychoanalysis. The Department of Comparative Literature benefits from close ties with Cornell's Society for the Humanities, a center of teaching, research, and lectures that provides a unique, historic catalyst for critical and theoretical reflection on campus. The department has also vital connections to The School of Criticism & Theory, a six-week summer program of study with leading figures in critical thought, now based at Cornell.


Department of Comparative Literature
240 Goldwin Smith Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-3201

Main Office Phone with Audix Voicemail: (607) 255-4155
Department Fax Number: (607) 255-8177 att: ComL


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